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Our Hive Share Program


Our Hive Share Program is a unique opportunity for you to grow your own honey.

Pure Honey Products owns and operates an organically managed honey production business. This means we do not use chemicals to treat or medicate our bees. We do not feed our bees refined sugar as a Winter supplement feed (we leave them honey). We manage our colonies as natural and organic as possible. As professionals, we have the experience and equipment necessary to sustainably manage honey bee colonies.

The Hive Share Program offers you the opportunity to be part of this. It is also a great way to help increase the bee population and do your part to help save the bees one colony at a time.

Beekeeper Holding a Honeycomb

How it Works

Pure Honey will be responsible for the balance of beekeeping i.e. keeping the beehive organized, inspections, installing and removing supers (bee boxes and hive boxes as needed), re-queening when necessary, removing and extracting honey, preparing beehives for winter, and bottling honey in personalized jars at the end of season for you.

For the purposes of our Hive Share program we guarantee that each beehive will produce 50lbs of excess raw, filtered, unpasteurized honey per year for you. When the honey run finishes and is filtered, and packaged, you will be contacted for collection or delivery options. We will provide the honey to you in personalized jars.

Once the Hive Share program has been purchased a contract will follow and must be signed and returned to Pure Honey. The Hive Share program lasts for 1 harvest year at which point the program can be renewed.

Pure Honey will provide an information pack and regular updates on your beehive/colony progress with photos. 

The Beehive, colony and all bee boxes, equipment, bees etc. always remain the property of Pure Honey.

This can be a great experience for families, children and companies in Western Canada to take part, learn and to better our environment.



The Hive Share Program costs:

Quarter Hive $249 

This includes 12lbs Raw Organic Cold-filtered Honey in personalized Jars (24 jars)         


Half Hive $499

This includes 24lbs Raw Organic Cold-filtered Honey in personalized Jars (48 jars)

Full Hive $999

This includes 50lbs Raw Organic Cold-filtered Honey in personalized Jars (96 1/2 lb jars & 1 premium display jar).

*The above figures include GST. This is a one time, non refundable payment. Delivery is not included. There are options to supplement honey for wax – please contact for custom orders.

Honey Jars

Frequently Asked Questions

Why not buy your own hive?

COST – The cost of a colony, hive body, necessary tools and equipment, extraction equipment & facility can run to several thousand dollars, not to mention the time input.
EXPERTISE – This is an extremely important factor as in order to manage the bee colony correctly extensive knowledge is required. Bees are sensitive to pathogens and disease transfer so special techniques are required.
This Program allows you to be involved with beekeeping, help increase the bee population and produce your own honey without the sting!

What if a Beehive dies from disease or severe winter freeze?

Pure Honey is not responsible for acts of god, colony collapses or vandalism. But we will re-queen the colony and add few hundred bees if your colony dies out, struck by diseases or freezes over winter.
Pure Honey will do whatever it can and provide regular service, ongoing inspection/s in attempt to correct matters that requires its attention. Pure Honey shall decide what is in the colonies best interests as far as medical treatments, beehive expansion, locations and winterization of the beehives. All our hives are covered under our insurance policy.

Can I go and observe my beehive?

Yes, but restrictions apply. Biosecurity, weather conditions and various other factors pose restrictions. By appointment only.

Can I have the beehive on my property?

All our hives are strategically located to provide the optimum conditions for the bees so it’s preferred to these locations. However if this is something you really desire, please contact us.


When is the best time to commence this Program?

Quarterly updates will be issued as to how the bees are progressing.

When is the Payment due?

Money is payable upon signing the contract by Credit Card, Cheque, PayPal or in cash but only commences when the money has been deposited and the money clears the bank.

How much work am I required to do?

Virtually nothing in the contract term other than pick up the finished products and/or pay for shipping cost. You can attend one inspection on a date specified by Pure Honey and you may ask questions at any time, handle the bees and frames if they so choose to but with proper attire and equipment. You can also email or call us anytime to get answers about your respective beehive colony or related questions.

What if I introduce another person to the Hive Share program?

If an existing customer refers a person to the Hive Share program they will receive a 10% voucher code to use for any Pure Honey products.


Does Honey ever go bad?

If the honey is capped by the bees and water moisture is about 17%/18% the honey can remain without going bad for a million years. The honey is preserved with the propolis and enzymes it contains.

Can I get out of the Hive Share program at any time?

The term of the contract is 1 year. This is non-refundable. You can cancel after this term or renew for another year.