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Bees at Work

Pure Honey Products

"The Way Nature Intended"

We provide products from the hive to you in the purest form.

We keep our honey & beeswax raw, pure, unblended and unprocessed. 100% Canadian. 

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As the beekeeper, processor, packager & distributor, we can ensure our products are Pure. Honey naturally contains beneficial enzymes, vitamins and nutrients, we keep it that way.
We use modern beekeeping techniques reducing stress and increasing the health of our colonies.
We do not treat our bees with chemical’s or organic acids. The bees are left their own honey to eat through Winter and our bees are not systematically fed sugar.
The locations of our apiaries are strategically chosen to provide the most natural environment with the minimal exposure to agricultural chemicals.
All the above creates a delicate and unmatched natural flavor and texture to our honey’s and the flavors come from what the bee’s harvest as opposed to added flavor after.




We sell Nucs, queens and bee equipment - please see our store or call for details.

We also provide training and welcome schools and groups. 

A great way to help increase the bee population and do your part to help save the bees one colony at a time.


We sell our honey and our beeswax products including candles, beeswax foodwraps and our very own homemade lip balms.

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